Rehashing the past.
Rehearsing the future.

The basic nature of the human mind is to dwell and analyse the past (conversations, events, mistakes) or rehearse and anticipate a hypothetical future.

Meaning we’re often distracted, overwhelmed, tired and rarely living mindfully in the present moment. When you’ve been meditating for a while, you begin to own your thoughts and reactions to situations and become really good at letting go. And when you have the ability to let go and respond rather than react, you begin to live in FLOW.

Having the power and awareness to explore your mind and control your actions is the key to living a healthy life of joy and trust.



Would you like to experience…

  • More calm instead of anxious energy

  • Peace and the ability to ‘switch-off’

  • Less worry thoughts

  • Emotional stability (less reactive)

  • Empowerment and less external influence

  • Deeper connection to yourself and others

  • Less self-doubt, comparison & judgement

  • Enhanced mindset & perspective

  • Better sleep and deep, restorative rest

  • Up-level performance

  • Simplicity and stillness amongst the chaos

  • Feeling grounded and content

  • Clarity and confident decision making

  • Jumping out of bed feeling energised, strong and vibrant

  • Activate the Relaxation Response (rest & digest) and turn-off the Stress Response (fight-flight)

  • Improved health and overall wellbeing

  • Less stress and resistance

  • More intimacy, sex and romance

  • Increased self-awareness and self-worth

  • Healthy habits and lifestyle choices

  • Elevated creativity

  • Living consciously and aligned

  • Start to enjoy yourself here. Right now, in this body, at this moment in time



Effortless; natural and unforced.

You may have dabbled in guided meditation or visualisation before, downloaded an app and or practiced breath work. These practices are wonderfully rewarding, but it’s quite different from what I teach.

Hello, I’m Nicole and I teach an easy silent mantra technique which is effortless and natural.  Low on spirituality and time commitment.

I created the simple 3-session course, specifically designed to harness the power of the mind, support the intrinsic mind-body connection and be relatable for the modern mind and fast-paced lifestyle.

The short course fuses practical and relevant education in mindset, neuroscience and neuroplasticity. Realistic integration of a daily meditation practice and continued support by creating and embracing community.

Our thoughts and emotions are just as important in shaping our health as exercise and nutrition. I tailor the course to be accessible and relevant for each student.

Nicole has a unique ability to bring incredible energy yet exude calm all at the same time. Her passion for health and wellbeing and her way of guiding you through your personal journey is truly genuine. I found the course to be effortless, warming, and invaluable to say the least.

Thank you Nicole xxx" - Emily


The method is easy, ideal for those with hectic minds and schedules.

The simple 3-step method is incorporates breath, meditation and mindset. The meditation component is a mantra (sound-vibration) based technique, and is practised while sitting comfortably with eyes closed, for 20 minutes, twice per day. That’s it.

No technology, apps, books, essential oils, bells or chanting required. After you master this technique (which you will during the course), you will never need to learn another form of meditation again. This mantra technique is a gratifying, lifelong ‘meta-skill’ to use in your life…anywhere, at any time.

After learning method, you will notice changes immediately (yes, even from the first session), from deep relaxation, to a strong feeling of connectedness to yourself, others and nature.

After establishing a regular practice, many notice overall health and wellbeing improves significantly. You can literally rewire the brain, calm the nervous system and create new neural pathways via placidity mechanisms. You gain more emotional control (perfect for parents and high-performers) and you can make decisions with clarity and confidence. You instinctively evolve to live life more aligned to your values and purpose.

Basically, you’re hitting the little refresh and restart button for your brain twice a day. There’s an increased shift-in positive perspective, habits and mindset. You stop living reactively and start living creatively!


Stress is inevitable.

“Stress is the cause of at least 95% of all illness and disease”.
Dr. Bruce Lipton (Cell Biologist, Standford University 1998)

The autonomic nervous system has two parts - the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems.

When we feel threatened our body is flooded with hormones (cortisol & adrenaline), we can either fight-or-flight. This is called the Stress Response or FFR. In our modern society our body can’t distinguish between actual threat and ‘perceived’ danger. Meaning, the mere thought of a stressor (children’s tantrums, relationship strain, deadline, job interview, debt & bills) produces the same hormonal response. When we activate the Stress Response our digestion stops and the thinking part of brain shuts down. Physically it may show-up as nervous energy, rapid breathing, perspiration, butterflies in your stomach, throat may feel restrictive…shaking hands?

Chronic levels of stress and cortisol in our bodies is a recipe for adrenal fatigue. When adrenal stress hormones are always elevated, the performance of the brain and body steadily deteriorate (weakened immune system, disease, anxiety/depression, brain fog, sleep troubles and being emotional reactive (short fuse with children/partner) or even a reliance on caffeine/sugar or alcohol).



Meditation is the gateway to turn off the fight-or-flight response, reduce stress, anxiety and connect to our body’s capacity for self-healing.  Zero. Nil. No healing can take place, for any person on any level, while they are in the fight-or-flight response. When we realise that most people are in the fight-or-flight response most of the time we understand how very important this subject really is.

We begin to live our daily lives consciously. We start to live in the present moment. With more gratitude and joy. We stop analysing the past and rehearsing a hypothetical future.

We’re mindful of how we communicate. Relationships improve, we become patient with our children, less judgmental. We have the capacity to handle adversity with grace.  



“I had a fear that the entry point for learning a mantra-style meditation would be too high, however Nicole’s authenticity, warmth, wealth of knowledge and delivery meant the three-day course was enjoyable and, dare I say, life changing.

With her guidance, I was able to use this simple but powerful, technique to go into a deep state on one of my first meditations and now practise twice daily. Although it is early days, my mind already feels clearer, I am more patient and have a greater sense of happiness”.

- Millsy (journalist, mum of boys and joyful meditator).